Wunderkammer is the consortium that runs the vibrant community hub of the Wunderkammer pier: a center for research, innovation, education and cultural, social and environmental production at the Ferrara river docks.

Wunderkammer was founded in 2011 as a project that focused on bringing back to life the former river warehouses of Ferrara and has since received awards and both national and international recognition for the successfull revitalization of these public urban spaces through innovative cultural practices.

The refurbished spaces make up a sort of “cabinet of curiosities” for the community hub of the Wunderkammer pier: an innovation port, a point of reference for the regeneration of the entire area of the Ferrara docks and a catalyst for its fruition, both active and participatory.

Since 2021 the Wunderkammer Consortium is also a member of Lo Stato dei Luoghi, the first Italian national network of activators of culturally regenerated places and in 2023 it has become a member of Trans Europe Halles, the leading European network of grassroots cultural centres.

The Wunderkammer Consortium counts nine associations:


Associazione Musicisti di Ferrara (AMF)

A non-profit cultural organisation that runs the School of Modern Music (Scuola di Musica Moderna), the largest of its kind in the area, counting over 600 students and 40 collaborators and offers 40 different courses and 60 free initiatives for the community. Founded in 1990, it’s been part of the Wunderkammer Consortium since 2014 and the school has occupied the entire first floor of the former Savonuzzi dock warehouse since 2012. In 2015, it became the first place to have a certified Department of the Ritmìa Method of Music (also recognised by the Ministry of Education) and it’s been the only one present nationally ever since. AMF also publishes the Wah Wah Magazine and since 2016 it’s organised the Un Fiume di Musica festival, which transforms the Savonuzzi pier into an open air arena every summer.



Basso Profilo

A non-profit organisation dedicated to the expansion of environmental culture and active citizenship practices, urban regeneration and the enhancement of local heritage, through urban social design projects, education, meetings, exhibitions, performances and residences, aimed in particular at young practitioners. Founded in 2007, Basso Profilo was one of the founders of the Wunderkammer Consortium in 2012, where it’s been based since 2014. It also has operational headquarters in the metropolitan city of Bari and is a member of the national network of activators of regenerated cultural placesLo Stato dei Luoghi”.



Canoa Club Ferrara

A sports organisation dedicated to the promotion of canoeing which, after forty years of experience, is proud to have amongst its students regional, national and international champions. Since 2021 it’s been part of the consortium, where its headquarters are, and where children, youngsters and adults practice a number of canoe styles in the Po di Volano: slalom, downhill, polo, speed racing and dragon boat. The Canoa Club also manages the Oasis on the Vigarano Pieve lake (Oasi sul lago di Vigarano Pieve, FE), which houses the summer activities of the club, such as summer school for school children and sports practices for the disabled, as part of CASP, for the initiation of paralympic sports.




A cultural organisation, for sports and recreation, which offers theatre workshops, creates performances, organises events, develops intercultural projects and actively participates in the enhancement of river life as means of communication and exchange, environmental resource and cultural identity. Founded in 2009, it’s been part of the Wunderkammer Consortium since 2014, where it keeps its fleet of boats, ready to navigate and explore the branches of the Po river that stretch to the Adriatic and reach Venice. Fiumana also edits the Giornale del Po (Newspaper of the Po river).



Jazz Club Ferrara

A cultural organisation that manages and animates the Jazz Club Ferrara, which was awarded several times as "Best jazz club in Italy" at the Jazzit Awards. Since the 1970s, the Jazz Club has brought to Ferrara artists such as Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Michel Petrucciani, McCoy Tyner and many others. Since 1999 it has been operating in the prestigious Torrione San Giovanni venue, a jewel of the ancient Este city walls, where the "Ferrara in Jazz" concert season takes place, with over eighty dates every year. Since 2022 it has been part of the Wunderkammer Consortium, with the aim of contributing to the common project of urban regeneration, cultural production and social transformation.



KeepOn Live

It is the first Italian trade association dedicated to festivals and venues that organize live music, representing nearly 300 across the country. These venues host over 30,000 concerts and more than six and a half million spectators each year. Since 2010, it has been at the forefront of engaging with all industry operators, authorities, institutions, and companies to encourage, support, and promote original live music, both culturally and as an opportunity for sustainable economic development. Since 2023, it has joined the Wunderkammer Consortium and has its legal and operational headquarters in our banCO coworking space.




A collective of architects united in an organisation of social promotion, which develops projects and interventions that have as their main objective the research and exhibition of the most unexpected aspects of their profession. Founded in 2017 to overcome the classical barriers of academia and professional practice, HPO has chosen the Wunderkammer Consortium as the ideal environment where to conceive its studio, as part of a hyper-connected territorial whole from which to develop their participatory and collaborative experiments.




Cultural association that focuses on organizing artist residencies with the aim of supporting emerging talents and promoting the dissemination of art, culture, research, and education in the artistic and cultural field. Established in 2017 primarily as a residency program in Ferrara, Resina has evolved over the years into a platform for research and collaborations with local, national, and international entities. In 2023, it joined the Wunderkammer Consortium.




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